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Carpet Cleaning

The best way to ensure that our homes and offices are clean and safe is to clean and disinfect the interiors and more so carpets. Carpets can harbor a number of pollutants like bacteria, dust, food, particles, dirt and allergens.

Professional and Efficient

We provide a variety of residential, office and commercial cleaning services across Melbourne and Sydney, including professional and efficient carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaners are highly trained and qualified to provide efficient cleaning services. Our carpet cleaners are dedicated to provide superiors cleaning services to our esteemed clients.

Fresh and Clean

Carpet cleaning can be quite tricky especially when there are stubborn stains. The good news is that our carpet cleaning company can get rid of all the stubborn stains for you. Our cleaning experts will provide steam and dry carpet cleaning services to ensure your carpets are fresh, clean and free from pollutants.


Window Cleaning

Windows are an indispensable part and parcel of any building structure. They let in natural light, enhance the ventilation and air circulation, and may also serve the dual purpose of acting as doors. They are usually susceptible to dirt and other forms of defilements. For that reason, it is of absolute necessity to have them kept in the very best conditions at all times.

Experienced and Effective

The services of an experienced and effective window cleaning service provider are therefore crucial. Our company exists for those very purposes. Our mission is to see to it that all the windows in Sydney and Melbourne are kept in the very best conditions at all times. We have all the necessary tools-of-trade, skilled workforce, technical expertise, as well as years of professional work experience to undertake just about every other window cleaning-related task.

Commercial and Residential

The company specializes in both the commercial and residential window cleaning services. It further handles all manner and types of windows such as those made of vinyl, wood, and aluminum e.t.c. All a client is required to do is to make a call to the customer service department specifying his location and the type of service he wants carried out, and we will take care of the rest.


Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining your commercial premises clean ensures your workers are healthy and you are assured of more customers. Clients will always be willing to transact in a clean environment. Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd is an Australian cleaning company that can make your commercial premises sparkling clean. Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney and even the surrounding areas, our dedicated professional will offer superb commercial cleaning services. The appearance of your business directly affects performance; a clean business attracts more customers. We are here to help you achieve your business goals and targets by offering high-end cleaning services.

High-Class Cleaning Service

We provide high-class commercial building cleaning services. We are highly credited for carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, elevator disinfection and cleaning, and even wall cleaning. We understand that you require a smart premise for your business operations and that’s why we provide superb cleaning.

Event Cleaning

Events like music festivals, weddings, trade fairs and sporting events usually attract many people who may leave the place looking pathetic! We offer quick and deep cleaning so that the premises can be back to its normal condition. In event cleaning we provide; deep cleaning, toilet washing, litter collecting and emptying, sweeping and all other necessary services that will make the place look elegant.


Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant owners across the globe know that patronage is the most important aspect of their business. One of the quickest ways to send loyal customers over to a competitor is not necessarily the food, service or ambience, but rather the cleanliness. Once a customer has noticed a restaurant lacking in the hygiene department, it won’t matter how good the food is they will continuously wonder whether their dining area is indicative of a filthy kitchen.

Efficient and Trusted

Many restaurants rely on their regular staff to take care of the cleaning, which could result in higher wage bills. Unfortunately, many staff members perform dual functions, therefore, this aspect of their duties tend to be somewhat neglected. Focusing their attention on what they do best, restaurant owners are able to use their staff more effectively. This does, however, leave a gap in terms of the cleaning function. By sourcing an outside company like Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd, owners can rest assured that specific cleaning gaps will now be filled.

Reasonable Prices

Meeting with the restaurant owners or appointed manager is the first step in the process. The various needs are discussed, as well as specific requirements. The prices are reasonable as there is no price an owner can place on peace of mind. Schedules and staff members assigned to the premises all form part of the administration process, ensuring that the restaurant is able to continue their duties without having to lift finger where cleaning is concerned.


Office Cleaning

Why should you choose us as your preferred office cleaning service providers? At Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing the best office cleaning service that places our customers by first making sure that their needs are met. We are an office cleaning services company based in Melbourne and Sydney and have been in this business by living to our high standards.

Clean and Neat

We understand that a clean and neat office is a lovely office to work in. All staff feel good working in a neat and pleasing setting, which in turn play a huge part in aiding your staff be more productive. We take our job very seriously. Dusting and removing allergens from the office, making sure storerooms and wash rooms have been properly cleaned and disinfected, floors are cleaned and trash is properly disposed off, are necessary for a fresh and healthy workplace. All this we will do for you.

Ideal Workspace

Just like appearance is important in life, so is it in business. An orderly and clean workplace contributes towards a vivacious, progressive and to the point work mode. Remember, Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd will be there for all of your office cleaning as well as janitorial service’s needs. We understand that this proposition cannot be a ‘one-size-fits all’ and that is why we would like you to consider us as more like a concierge service.

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