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Infinity Cleaning Australia

Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd is a leading provider of commercial, residential and office cleaning services across Melbourne and Sydney, specialising in quality and reliable service. Manpower services are the principle activities of our business which provide a total secure and reliable service for our clients.

The objective of our Business is to provide appropriate services with the desired quality in accordance with each individual client’s requirements and specifications.

Infinity Cleaning was established by an Executive with extensive Australian and International experience. The Business is totally Australian owned and enjoys an unrivalled reputation for service excellence and ethical consumer and commercial practices.

Infinity Management is hands on and is able to provide a level of service that is unmatched. We establish close relationships with our clients so we can understand their needs. Our fundamental philosophy is to identify closely with our client’s objectives.



Servicing our clients by providing a professional workforce and regulated reporting procedures ensures that we are able to make a commitment to our clients to offer the best possible service. Commitment to our clients needs and exceeding their expectation formulates the aim of Infinity Cleaning. The ability to offer a high standard of service, ongoing communication and the ability to respond 24 hours around the clock is a point of difference that we are able to bring to each new appointment. Our process ensures to provide Service with each of our Assessment appointments are at the forefront of both the staff and management of Infinity Cleaning.


Over 4000 satisfied customers


Our management team comprises of experienced professionals with an understanding of managing and retaining long term business relationships with our client base. Being able to address and respond to our clients’ changing needs is apparent by our stringent reporting and safety procedures. We offer full support to our staff base by way of appropriate training, retraining and ongoing site supervision.


Correct Procedures are a priority for Infinity Services, as such we are committed to adhering to the high levels of service, reporting, programming and achieving the goals of the contract within the times set out in our work schedule.



Top Cleaning Company in Australia

Commitment to our clients needs and exceeding their expectations formulates the aim of Infinity Cleaning. The ability to offer a high standard of service and product knowledge and ongoing communication with our customers. The ability to respond promptly is a point of difference that we are able to bring to each new appointment. Infinity Cleaning is always striving for excellence in no matter what area of the business we treat it all the same and we give our customers 100% Customer services which is rear to find in today stone age. We Pride our selves in our work and we always go that extra mile for our customers.


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Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd

Southbank, VIC, 3006

4.9 stars


    Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd

    Southbank, VIC, 3006

    4.9 stars

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    Infinity Cleaning

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is Infinity Cleaning?

    We are a fully Australian-owned, professional cleaning business located on Riverside Quay in Melbourne. We can fulfill any cleaning needs, from routine work to special cleanups to pre-sale property cleaning. Our careful attention to quality, customer service and attention to specific customer needs sets us apart from our competitors, while our low prices help make us the best value on the market.

    What Services do we cater for?

    Infinity specialises in cleaning carpets, windows, and entire properties to make offices and restaurants shine. The benefits are there for all to see: Cleaner surroundings mean leaving a much better impression for residents, guests and customers, not to mention the health benefits of being free from dust and dirt. We also have special services available for builders who have finished preparing a structure, and need to give it a thorough initial cleaning to prepare it for its new occupants.

    Do I need to be at my premises to have any service carried out?

    For regularly scheduled work, we are happy to proceed with the cleaning service in your absence as long as access to the property has been arranged, and we have a clear understanding of your needs.

    For one-off jobs, we do recommend that you remain present, particularly at the end of the cleaning process so that you can confirm that the work has been performed to your satisfaction. We offer a warranty for our customers, and that warranty is void for issues that do not arise until after our team of cleaners has left the property.

    Is the person or persons coming into my business screened for suitability?

    Yes. Our recruitment process includes face-to-face interviews and background checks, as well as checks of ID and work history. All written employment references are also contacted and checked by our recruitment managers according to our strict requirements.

    How do I pay for the Service?

    By cash or Credit Card is best or internet bank transfer (made payable to the Infinity Cleaning Pty Ltd) at the end of each service or when the invoice due date.

    What if I need to change the scheduled cleaning?

    Just contact us to change the date of your appointment, or feel free to contact your cleaner directly. Our Customer Contact Center can be reached at 1300 851 828.

    Can I change my cleaner if I am unhappy?

    Feel free to contact us directly for any special request, or contact your cleaner. Our Customer Contact Center can be reached at 1300 851 828.

    What if something is damaged while cleaning my premises?

    All Infinity Cleaning team members are covered with Public Liability Insurance, which protects you from damage resulting from negligence during a visit from our cleaners. We take the utmost care to treat our customer’s right, and we feel that Public Liability Insurance is an extremely important step in establishing protection for both our customers and our cleaners.


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    Infinity Cleaning Aust Pty Ltd
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    Telephone: 1300 851 828

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